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Samuel James Taylor

Queen's University Belfast BSc 1950
Cambridge University PhD 1954


About Taylor, Samuel

Samuel James Taylor (known as James) was born in 1929, in Carrifergus, Antrim, Northern Ireland. He spent most of his first ten years being home schooled in Nigeria, where his parents were missionaries. He returned to Northern Ireland to attend Dalriada School, and then Belfast's Methodist College. In 1950, he earned his BSc in mathematics and mathematical physics at Queen's University Belfast. In 1954, he completed his PhD on "On the Theory of Hausdorff Measures" at Cambridge with A. S. Besicovitch. His career took him to U Birmingham 1955-1961, Westfield College 1962-1975, U Liverpool 1975-1983, and U Virginia 1984-1996. He has often served as department head, and at Westfield as dean. He published over 90 papers, on topics such as Brownian motion, "small sets" and fractals. He supervised numerous dissertations, and authored three books: Introduction to Measure and Probability, CUP, 1966 (with J. F. C. Kingman), Introduction to Measure and Integration, CUP, 1973, and Exploring Mathematical Thought, Ginn, 1970. He has 7 joint publications with Erdos.
-courtesy of Colm Mulcahy, based on information found within the Extended Abstracts of All Contributions of the 4th Symposium on Lévy Processes, 2005, link above.


Interview with Samuel James Taylor

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Recorded in Liverpool, England.

Interview conducted with Samuel James or S.J. Taylor, June 1979 in Manchester, England. He discusses Abram Samoilovitch Besicovitch.