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Using the website

Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer are recommended for viewing this website. If you cannot see video or audio players, you probably need to install Adobe Flash Player, which can be found here: Download Flash

Some interviews may have transcriptions or translations attached as PDF documents. If you are having trouble viewing these, you can view them with Adobe Reader, which can be found here: Adobe Reader

To get around the website, you will mostly be making use of the side panel, which is the area to the left of this text. It is split up into two sections: Navigation and Search. The following links are available under Navigation:


  • Home – The home page, which greets newcomers
  • Introduction – Summary of the collection written by Eugene Dynkin and bibliographic information
  • Browse Biographies – Alphabetic list of all persons, with biographical data, some photographs, and interviews
  • Browse Photos – Collection of photographs, organized by first name of persons in photograph
  • Browse Interviews – List of all audio or video interviews, organized alphabetically by last name
  • Help - This page


If you are having trouble finding content, it may be helpful to use the Search feature. Enter the key word you are looking for in the “Search” menu at left, and click on the “Search” button. A list of all content which relates to your keyword will appear for you to look through. Keep in mind several individuals on this site have alternate spellings or aliases of their names so make sure you try all variations when searching.

To find information and video/audio interviews of someone in our collection, click on “Browse Biographies.” To find a particular person, you can enter a part of his or her name in the “Search by name:” box, and hit the “Apply” button. You can also sort the list by first or last name by clicking on the “Sort” links right below the “Apply” button. Last name is on the left, and first name is on the right. Simply click on any part of the person’s name to be brought to his or her page. Not all biographies are accompanied by interviews.

To play an audio or video interview, simply click on the “Play” button (circled in green at left) on the media player. Videos will appear in large, rectangular players, while audio will play from thinner players. After clicking on the play button, give the site a moment to load the interview – some of them are quite large!

At times, interviews are accompanied with a translation or transcript. This appears as a link underneath the media player. To view the transcript or translation, simply click on the link.

To view photographs of someone in our collection, click on “Browse Photos." Photos are displayed on multiple pages. To go from page to page, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the number of the page you would like to go to. To proceed to the next page, click "next >"

For photographs of a particular person, you can use the “Filter by Subject” box. The list is alphabetical by last name. For example, if you wish to see pictures of Akiva Yaglom, put a check in Akiva Yaglmo’s box and hit the “Apply” button. If you would like to see pictures with contain Akiva Yaglom OR Adriano Garsia, put a check in both of their boxes and hit the “Apply” button.




Contact Us

If you want to correct content, add content, report a bug, or provide feedback the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections welcomes your comments and questions at or by phone at 607-255-3530.