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1944 Photograph – some comments.

First, an obvious observation.  The war was taking place, so my graduating class (1943-1948) had mostly females. Molchanov is not in the photograph, which evidently means that I was in the same group with him and A. A. Milyutin – a wonderfully deep mathematician - starting with my third year.

In addition to me and Molchanov, who started Mekhmat at 15, there were two more people.  One of them is Yuri Gastev, who is sitting in the front row, next to me with a cigarette. He is a “dissident” with a difficult fate.[1] My second neighbor is R. S. Guter. You may have seen some books, where he is a co-author.

 There are several men in the second row who had lost an arm in the war. Second on left is Timur Magometovich Eneev. For many years we worked together at the Institute of Applied Mathematics (now M.V. Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics).  Timur is an interesting scientist, the only member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR  from our year. He participated in launching first satellites.

In 1999, on April 12, the Cosmonautics Day, A.M. Molchanov organized an evening gathering in Pushchino House of Scientists. Timur came and gave a speech that night.  Eneev was born in 1924, and as far as I know, he is still working.

The rightmost in the second row is Ivan Vasilievich Chuvilo, a former strafer. He later left Mekhmat for the Fizfac, and became a well-known physicist, director of one of the main institutes of physics.

The young woman standing in the second row is Ilsa Dinbaher (If I remember correctly). She was German and a daughter of a communist who somehow got to the USSR.

I don’t remember everyone in this photograph. In 1973 I recorded our  reunion with an amateur camera (no sound), and somewhere there is a full list of participants of that event. But for now I will limit myself to this information.

The photograph discussed in this commentary can be found here