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Dynkin, Eugene

First Name: 
Middle Name or Initial: 
Last Name: 
Place and Date of Birth: 
5/11/1924, Leningrad, USSR
Place and Date of Death: 
11/14/2014, Ithaca, NY


Degree 1 (Type and Year): 
M.Sc. 1945
Degree 1 (School): 
Moscow State University
Degree 2 (Type and Year): 
Ph.D. 1948
Degree 2 (School): 
Moscow State University
Degree 3 (Type and Year): 
D.Sc. 1951
Degree 3 (School): 
Moscow State University
Most Recent Employer: 
Cornell University
Probability theory and related fields
Lie groups and Lie algebras
Moscow Mathematical Society Prize 1950, National Academy of Sciences of the USA 2007, American Academy of Arts and Sciences 1985, Doctor Honoris Causa: Universite Pierre et Marie Curie 1997, University of Warwick 2003, Independent Moscow University 2003
Temporary Fields: 
Probability theory and related fields, Lie groups and algebras